This is my meshing research page. I've been meshing since I was a young boy. Here is a picture of me drawing one of my first meshes.

My first meshing experience was with GRUMMP, the mesh generator out of Professor Ollivier-Gooch's group at the University of British Columbia. The code is freely available, and I contributed to the surface insertion applications, as well as other aspects of the mesher and code. This is a Delaunay-based mesher, and gave me a lot of exposure into Delaunay techniques for mesh generation and adaptation.

I moved on to RPI, where I contributed to the Parallel Unstructured Mesh Infrastructure, specifically tools for curved meshes. The bulk of my contributions can be seen in the ever changing code here. My 2015 IMR presentation was on "a comparison of C0 and G1 continuous curved meshes on high-order finite element simulations" and is available in a web based format, or in PDF format below. After that, I contributed to the meshing components of the Process Simulation Tools at Synopsys Inc. for just over a year. Right now, I'm not actively doing meshing.